Outdoor Leg Bag PRO

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I have no place to store my stuff when I'm out and about!

Does this sound familiar? Exactly... We outdoor lovers know this problem all too well.

You're on your way and have your heavy backpack or your pouch on. Not very comfortable at all. You want to be able to enjoy the moment, but not like this.

using leg bag with jeans


Meet the High Quality - Outdoor Leg Bag PRO. Specially made to offer you a solution.

Our team at Dealliaux has had several requests for this specific item, we made it possible for you to buy it here!

Free your pockets

How comfortable would it feel to walk around without any loose items in your pockets? We have a lot of stuff with us these days and our pockets aren't getting any bigger.

leg bag fits all your stuff

Move freely without backpack

A backpack that is often too big takes up a lot of space. As a result, you can no longer move around that freely. The Leg Bag PRO will to move around more freely, because of its size, weight and less straps! 

Whatever you do, the Leg Bag PRO will assist you!

A heavy bag on your back can become quite an annoyance after a period of time. Our Leg Bag PRO however, feels like you're not even wearing a bag at all! Whatever activity you do, you won't be bothered by the Leg Bag.

Save money on expensive (too big) backpacks

Our Leg Bag PRO is the cheap alternative to an expensive backpack. It fits all of your important stuff and you can move more freely.

leg back riding harley davidson

The perfect solution for a day out in the sunny weather!

Use cases:

  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Wallet / cards
  • Identification
  • Water bottle
  • Dog Bags
  • iPad
  • E-book
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves
  • Snacks
  • Maps
  • Versatile in every way

    • Walking
    • Riding your bike
    • Cycling
    • Hiking
    • Outdoor activities
    • Festivals

    leg back contents

    All benefits at a glance

    • Free your pockets
    • Move more freely
    • Fits all your important stuff
    • Save money - No need to buy an expensive backpack!

    Leg Bag PRO Dimensions:

    Canvas Premium Dimensions:
    Size: 18cm (W) * 8cm (D) * 28cm (H) (7.08" * 3.14" * 11.02")
    Shoulder Strap: 105cm (41.33")
    Fit Waist: ≤120cm (47.2")
    Fit Thigh: ≤65cm (25.6")
    Weight: 425g

    Waterproof Nylon Dimensions:
    Size: 15cm (W) * 8cm( D) * 29cm (H) (5.9" * 3.1" * 11.1")
    Fit Waist: ≤140cm (55.1")
    Fit Thigh: ≤80cm (31.4")
    Weight: 280g

    leg bag clips

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    Do I need to worry about my size?
    Because of the adjustable straps it's a one size fits all!

    Is the quality really that durable?
    Yes. It is a really sturdy piece of equipment that can be used in a lof of scenario's.

    Do you ship to my country?
    Yes we ship to all countries over the world.

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    Yes. We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee and a 14-day return policy.
    If the product doesn't meet your standards you can return the product.

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